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Residential Model

3D printing in Dubai is all set to step in to residential construction. 3D Printing Technology for residential construction is now market-ready. Part of North Rhine-Westphalia’s “Innovatives Bauen” or innovative construction development scheme, the first residential 3D printed building is under construction in Germany.

Technology has transformed the world of printing over the past few years. What previously seemed like science fiction has become reality today. 3D printing possibilities are more accessible and affordable than ever, especially if you choose the right company for such projects.

3D printing has only started to unleash its full potential and we’re one of the Dubai pioneers in the field. If you’re looking for the best¬†3D printing service in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. We possess innovative technology and work with a vast range of clients, bringing their ideas to reality. Yes, we are the best in 3D Printing in whole MENA region..

Inoventive 3D Solution is also Creating robust, intricately detailed architectural models requires a commitment to perfection. That is why we take no shortcuts in terms of materials, craftsmanship and protocols. All projects are delivered with unparalleled professionalism and precision. Expect no less than topnotch service from our specialist team. Years of experience working on the most complex architectural models, on a range of sizes and across all industries make us one of the most trusted and sought-after 3D printing companies in Dubai.

Also, with Inoventive 3D Solutions, you can find Architectural scale Models, Residential Scale Models, Industrial Scale Models, Corporate Scale Models, Medical and health sector models, Rapid Prototyping, Additive Manufacturing etc.,

We have 24X7 well trained professional with state-of-the-art 3D Printing facility to cater all of your needs.

You can Call us +971555 289891. 

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