additive manufacturing Dubai

Additive Manufacturing in Dubai

additive manufacturing Dubai

Additive Manufacturing in Dubai – Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing has been identified as one of the key technologies to improve the industrial competitiveness. It is considered as 3D Printing has the significant potential to enhance manufacturing capabilities to all sectors.  Low-maintenance, reduced logistics and improved sustainability are factors of major attractions of this technology.

3D Printing can reduce the impact of trade issues through its ability to produce objects /parts on demand and locally. Complex geometries can be produced using this technology. With additive manufacturing capabilities, we can produce several parts at once and can assemble it together locally. It means, this technology enables to manufacture the product by procure a single raw material rather than procuring multiple parts and then assembling them together. Literally, 3D Printing have no geometric restrictions unlike other traditional manufacturing techniques.

Risk of delaying the production is always present with the traditional manufacturing technologies – in case any one part gets delayed in shipment, the complete process of production will get effected. But, in 3D Printing Dubai, the risk of this type of delay can be completely avoided.

There are many other advantages for additive manufacturing. These advantages include the ability to produce very complex structures that are relatively easily customized to specific user requirements. The fact that additive manufacturing services become affordable for small companies or even for consumers offers possibilities for decentralized manufacturing, downstream in the supply chain. In addition, 3D Printing allows for high degrees of flexibility, both in product design and manufacturing, as a result of using smart CAD systems that may be based on accurate scanning technologies.

The ability to work with low setup times and costs, and to largely eliminate work in progress inventories while maintaining a high degree of supply chain responsiveness makes 3D Printing technology a promising alternative for low-volume, high-value items. With 3D Printing, high-level of customization of the product is possible.

The reduction of materials usage is obvious in 3d Printing technology. Note that the materials are fed to an 3D Printing machine in different states than those used in subtractive processes (e.g. granular or fluid). Combined with the more uniform requirement for raw materials, this characteristic may compensate for the often energy-intensive production process. Indirect effects caused by lower weight or optimized part properties may even further reduce the energy consumption. Hence, from a lifecycle perspective, the energy balance of 3D-printed parts may well turn out to be positive and excellent.

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