architectural model making dubai

Architectural model making company Dubai

architectural model making Dubai

Architectural Model Making Company Dubai – Scale models extends numerous advantages to architects, builders, relaters, engineers and future home owners. Starting from the initial design stages of a project all the way to the completion of the project,  this tool can provide great visuals on time and handy.

Scale models have always been part of the design process. Clients and investors would love to see a miniature of their future investment and with the help of a scale model, they will be easily convinced. In traditional model making methods, it can be time-consuming and expensive, but 3D Printing can overcome these hurdles and can make models at any sizes or shapes without investing too much of money and time. 3D printing workflow reduces time and price, significantly. Another benefit is that it provides an almost entirely digital workflow, meaning that scale models can be modified and made efficiently at any time and any stage of a design in progress.

There are only a few additional steps in converting already existing 3D files into 3D printable ones to obtain a highly detailed physical copy of any project. Instead, 3D renderings come into play. The truth is that photorealistic renderings and animations are not enough, it’s about visual vs. material. When it comes to designing a building from the ground up, home builders and architects often have a difficult time connecting and communicating with future homeowners and investors. Showing them the completed results in drawings and renderings alone is difficult. Physical 3D models provide immediate understanding even to the most non-technical personas. Now architects and builders have the opportunity to communicate faster, cheaper, and more efficiently with each other while leaving a long lasting impression on their clients.

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