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Large format 3D Printing Dubai !!

Large Format 3D Printing Dubai

Industrial grade Large format 3D Printing in Dubai is helping now to print vehicle parts, molds, furniture, architectural components, huge machine parts  in a single piece. Large format 3D Printing can be used in a wide range of applications such as aerospace prototypes, stand out billboards, or car panels etc. The main attraction of Large format 3D Printing is that we can have our final product to be 3D Printed in a single piece.

In 3D Printing, it is a general practice to produce objects in small different pieces and then assemble it together to form a final product, but those objects would have been perform better, if they were produced as single solid piece, something only a large format 3D Printing can do.

Another attraction of manufacturing large components with 3D Printing are weight reduction. 3D Printed objects weigh much lesser than the object which manufactured through traditional methods. With Large Format 3D Printing, weight reduction can be achieved much effectively and these parts will work with high efficiently and give the best performance than the traditional parts.

If we speaks about molds, Large format 3D Printer can produce durable and less-weight molds, which will be handy and will enable to use it for many times for production. Beauty of 3D Printing with molds is freedom of design. Jus design it in any size or shapes and use it multiple times. Yes, you got it right, large format 3D Printed molds are durable and it helps you to reduce production cost considerably.

Producing, assembling and installation may take much time for larger products in traditional methods. With Large format 3D Printing facility, we can avoid all these hurdles as we will be getting the final product as a single piece without any need of additional assembling or tooling for the object.

As we discussed earlier,  producing large components as a single piece and in 3D Printing will considerably reduce the production cost and saves lots of time. At Inoventive 3D, we are offering Large Format 3D Printing for all industries, advertisement agencies and construction companies. We can produce Furniture, Props, Home decors, Display advertising billboards, molds for concrete, boat hulls, exhibition stands, 3D Models, Scale Models, Architectural Scale Models, Prototypes etc.

Inoventive 3D has been leaders in Large scale 3D Printing Dubai and in Model making Dubai. Apart from 3D Printing, they offers, architectural scale models, industrial scale models, Rapid Prototyping and additive manufacturing.

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