projection mapping with architectural models

Projection Mapping with Architectural Models- Inoventive 3D

Projection mapping with Architectural Models – New trend in architectural scale models is projection mapping. A model with projection mapping will feast your eyes and is the new effective tool for better understanding and the best marketing tool. In simple words, projection mapping will take architectural models as their canvas and they convert static models to dynamic models.

With projection mapping, architectural models will become more interesting as people can interact with the scale models with more effectively and easily. At Inoventive 3D, we can create architectural scale models integrated with augmented reality.

On architectural scale models, we can make various simulations like nightlife, morning, dynamic roads, interactive structures. Interesting part is that, we can also show necessary information like different zones, updated transportation facilities etc. Mapped projection can be controlled with any interactive electronic screens or iPad.

Projection mapping allows immersive 3D and even interactive experiences to be layered onto landmark buildings, complex interior spaces and urban landscapes. It offers promising possibilities for public art, urban planning, exhibition design and branded environments. Projection mapping has emerged as unique media of interaction in scale models, especially in architectural scale models.

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