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architectural model making Dubai

Architectural model making Dubai – An architectural model is a simple 3D representation of any proposed building. With an architectural scale model, we can see the potentiality of the project in detail and as it is in real. In traditional methods, model makers used to create these scale models manually. But, on these days, architectural scale models have been created integrating latest 3D Printing technology.

3D scale models are widely used to represent the construction projects. From conception to the finished project, these Architectural scale models serve many purposes in different stages.

A well-built model can help you to boost credibility and influence investors and it help architectural companies to raise funds for their project.These scale models give investors a visual representation of your project in detail and allow them to see what can be the project exactly while it get its final shape.

With architectural scale models, designer and architect can sell their project in advance. These models will provide a complete information and visual idea about the proposed project upon its finish.

An architectural model can help contractors pinpoint any possible construction challenges. The model gives inspectors a 3D visualization of the project, allowing them to pinpoint any possible issues. Addressing these issues in the design phase can save you money and time.

Commonly there are 3 Different types of architectural design models, which are;

  1. Concept design model. During the initial stage of your design ideas, it can be helpful to see the beginning form and shape. While a 2D sketch is how most designers start the first phase of design, a basic model can offer a different perspective in the design process. Conceptual models are often made out of inexpensive materials like balsa wood or foam and quickly put together.
  2. Working design model. Once you develop a fuller idea of what you’re creating, you can turn it into a working design model. If you’ve encountered any flaws or issues with your initial design, building the design model can help you address them, and possibly shed light on new, innovative ideas you can implement. Model makers commonly use sturdier materials like wood, concrete, and metal to create a working design model.
  3. Concept presentation model. A presentation model has a higher level of detail than your initial physical model that better reflects your finished product’s materials and scale. Concept presentation models are for when you’re ready to present your ideas to your client or the public. Model makers use high-quality materials like resin or even a 3D printer to create a presentation model.

At Inoventive 3D, we have experienced and professional in-house model makers in Dubai, UAE, 3D designers, LED engineers and expert painters to deliver your architectural model in fine quality and in paramount perfection. Being the best model making company in UAE, we extend our model making services in UAE to entire Middle East and African region.

Apart from Architectural scale models, we do Industrial scale models, rapid prototyping and large scale 3D Printing.

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